Riding High: Rams at Chargers Week 12 Preview

NFL: Preseason-New Orleans Saints at St. Louis Rams

For most of us, we’re still processing what happened last week.  Against everyone’s better judgment, the Rams went out and beat one of the best teams in the entire NFL, and it wasn’t by a fluke either.  St. Louis outplayed the Denver Broncos in nearly every aspect of the game.  They gashed the number one rushing defense in the NFL for over 100 yards on the ground, and held the Denver ground game to only 28 yards.   For the first time in several weeks they didn’t commit a turnover, and picked off Peyton Manning twice.  It was the most complete game the Rams have played all season and maybe in Jeff Fisher’s tenure in St. Louis, and with it we finally got to see what this team is capable of when it doesn’t shoot itself in the foot.  But now that they’ve seemingly figured it all out, they’ll have to do something even harder this week in San Diego.  Do it all over again. Continue reading

The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt: Week 12


The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt
Week 12

I love discussing fantasy football with anyone and everyone. In fact, I love discussing it so much that I probably spend too much time giving advice and not enough time following that advice and working the waiver wire. Sometimes talking about something is just as fun as the actual thing you’re talking about (NFL Draft junkies know exactly what I’m talking about).

For that reason, I was delighted when a Twitter question was tweeted to @RamsAddiction and then forwarded to me.

@smokemonster83 asked: “I have the San Diego DEF in fantasy but I’m thinking about switching it out for the STL DEF. Should I?” Continue reading

The Bottom Line: Consistency

The St. Louis Rams not only beat the Peyton Manning-led, Denver Broncos, they manhandled them.  This was the defense the Rams expected to present to the NFL this season—a team with a relentless pass rush and a physical presence.  At the beginning of the year, the Rams pinned their playoff hopes on a dominant D.  It didn’t happen, but over the past three weeks, they have shown the D we expected to see, particularly on this Sunday.

Watching the game was rewarding and actually frustrating.  It’s becoming routine to see the defense dominate and control the game, which is terrific and entertaining to see.  However, it was frustrating because I kept thinking, why did it take this defense 7 games to kick into high gear.  If they had played consistently throughout the year (offense included), they could be chasing a playoff spot. Continue reading

Learning Experience: Broncos at Rams Week 11 Preview


Adversity.  If you were to define the Rams season to date in a word, that would be a very good choice. And it’s not the kind of adversity that is celebrated years later as an obstacle that was confronted and overcome (like the Trent Green injury all those years ago).  It’s the kind of overpowering, soul crushing adversity that young football teams aren’t able to overcome.  And two and a half years into the Jeff Fisher Era in St. Louis, it’s easy to forget that that is exactly what they are:  a very very young football team.

So maybe that’s ok.  It’s probably past time for us to admit that this season probably isn’t ending in playoffs. With that in mind, the best thing for the youngest team in the league just might be to take on a little bit of adversity and start finding ways to get past it.  And they’re sure to face plenty of, um, adversity this Sunday against the Denver Broncos. Continue reading