The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt: Week 16


The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt
Week 16

You’re in one of four places this week. Either you’re (1) playing in your league championship; (2) playing in a consolation game; (3) not playing at all; or (4) in a poorly run league that goes through Week 17. Since it’s championship week for most of us, let’s get right to the important stuff.

I Know…

1. Odell Beckham Jr. will have a huge game against the Rams. The rookie WR hasn’t dipped below 9 points since October 12. Just to give you some perspective, the St. Louis Cardinals were still playing the San Francisco Giants on that date.

2. Eli Manning is a tossup this week. He’ll either get you at least 22 points or go below 12. There will be no in-between with Eli.

3. Russell Wilson is a much better play this week than some are giving him credit for. Arizona does a good job shutting down RBs, so expect Wilson to throw it a lot and scramble. Also, with Arizona starting Ryan Lindley at QB, look for Seattle to dominate time of possession, which means the ball will be in Wilson’s hands. Continue reading

Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 87: 3rd & Inches

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The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt: Week 15


The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt
Week 15

When it comes to Fantasy Football, perception is reality, right? If you’re a fantasy football guru, then the answer is usually yes. By monitoring your team every week, you know who’s hot and who’s cold, who’s injured and who’s lighting up the scoreboard. We tend to know which guys can be counted on and which guys are leaving us hoping for more. For the most part, perception is reality when it comes to fantasy sports.

Enter Colin Kaepernick.

No other quarterback in the NFL has been getting slammed like Kaepernick over the past few weeks. Even Jay Cutler probably thinks the media is being quite harsh. As I listened to Kaepernick’s melancholy press conference, I wondered if his fantasy numbers were matching the outrage, or if everyone was just dogpiling on the man whose team lost to the Raiders.

What I found out shocked me. Continue reading

May the Best Team Win: Cardinals at Rams Week 14 Preview

It’s been a long while since anyone’s been able to say this, but the Rams are one of the hottest teams in the league.  Over the past four games the Rams have gone 3-1, and are just one poor decision from a 4-0 winning streak.  Over that span they’ve been the most dominant defensive force in the game, posting back to back shut outs for the first time anywhere in the NFL since 2009.  It seems like everything is finally falling into place for the St. Louis Rams if only just a little too late.  If they’d been able the come out on top in just one or two more games at the beginning of the season, the media would likely be picking the Rams as dark horse Super Bowl Contender, peaking at just the right time.  But at 6-7, even winning out likely won’t be enough to sneak into the playoffs.  Even so, with two of their final three games against division opponents, they have perfect opportunity to send a message to the entire league about what to expect in 2015.  Continue reading

Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 86: “Education Make You Stupid, Bro”

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Hope for the Future…again: Rams at Redskins Week 14 Preview


It’s hard to really define what happened for the St. Louis Rams in week 13.  The Rams, who are almost certain to miss the playoffs for the tenth year running, came out and put forth one of the most wholly dominant performances since their move to St. Louis.  Granted, it was against the league-worst Oakland Raiders who were likely sporting a major victory hangover coming off their first win in over a year the week before.  But still, fifty-two points is impressive against any team.  In fact, it’s the highest point total for any team in any game this season.  So why am I coming away from the Rams best showing in ten years with mixed feelings?

The truth is, as much fun as it was to watch the Rams play the role of the trouncer as opposed to the trouncee for once, it’s frustrating to see just how much potential this 5-7 non-contender really has.  Sure, it’s nice to see how far they’ve come, and to look towards the 2015 season with plenty of optimism, but Rams fans have had enough looking towards the future to last a lifetime.  But if the Rams can finish out the season on the kind of high note they displayed against the Raiders, it will give us at least one more offseason of optimism. Continue reading