Keep the Faith:Seahawks at Rams Week 7 preview

Rams Seahawks

It’s done, it’s over, I quit.  As a Rams fan, even one committed enough to be a weekly contributor to a Rams fanblog and podcast, it’s natural first response.  And there probably a lot of truth to it.  Imagining a scenario where the Rams overcome their 1-4 record and find themselves in playoff contention is a reach.  Only five teams in the history of the NFL have done it.  But that doesn’t mean the season is over.  Through the three games, the very young St. Louis Rams have showed flashes of the team that they’ve been working to be, and they appear to be right on the verge of finding their identity.  A 1-4 record is almost on-recoverable, but not quite.  And the only way to recover is one game at a time. Continue reading

The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt: Week 7


The Fantasy Files: 10 Things I Know, I Think, I Doubt
Week 7

“You should take your own advice.”

We’ve all probably heard that from a family member, friend, or bitter enemy. It’s never easy to hear, primarily because it calls for moments of introspection and self-reflection.

Last week I had to say it to myself.

After calling on the masses to start Torrey Smith, Joe Flacco, and T.Y. Hilton, I failed to take my own advice in my leagues, and paid the price for it. Instead, some of my opponents heeded my words of wisdom and then used that wisdom against me. Facing the distraction of being out of town and getting caught up in the Cardinals’ NLDS run, I neglected to work the waiver wire and it cost me dearly.

So what’s my point with this? First, I’m an idiot and a loser because of it. I knew what to do but I failed to do it. Continue reading

Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 80: Overcoming Adversity

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The Tipping Point: 49ers at Rams Week 6 Preview

St Louis Rams v San Francisco 49ers

What’s worse than year after year of watching your favorite team be totally outmatched and outplayed? How about two weeks of that same team finally showing the talent to compete, even look like the better team at times, only to come away 0-2 in those contests anyway?  If it wasn’t hard enough being a Rams fan, the last two weeks have made it that much harder. 

Now the 1-3 Rams, just 9 or so points removed from 3-1, head into week 6 hinging on what could very well be the tipping point of their season, and they do so against a very tough divisional foe on Monday night football no less.  So yea, it’s pretty tough being a Rams fan, but that doesn’t mean it’s not exciting sometimes. And this week, in what could very well be their most important contest since week 17 of the 2010 season, things could get very, very exciting.   Continue reading