Demoff Talks Stadium, Saffold, and Sam at Fan Dinner.

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A member of the Rams on Demand community recently attended a fan dinner hosted by COO Kevin Demoff.  You can find his full description of the evening here, but I’ve taken the liberty of summarizing some of Demoff’s comments.

Saffold plans to test free agency.  The Rams are interested in re-signing Rodger Saffold to play guard and feel that he is a Pro-Bowl caliber player at the position.  However, if he’s offered a Jermon Bushrod type contract ($7.3M cap hit in 2014) to play tackle, the Rams are not likely to match.

The Rams and CVC are combining to improve the Dome. The CVC is investing $5M to improve the sound system and bolster cell phone reception.  The Rams are funding upgrades to concession areas and food selections.

Don’t be surprised if the Rams draft a backup QB in the 2nd or 3rd round.

There are no salary cap issues with the Rams. They have the ability to control core, younger player contracts for the next 9 seasons as opposed to letting them walk to free agency.

Media reports about the Rams trying to renegotiate Bradford’s salary are not correct.  The Rams are “all in” with Sam Bradford. Demoff is not worried about Bradford’s salary the next two seasons nor his cap ramifications.

Chris Givens will be fine next season. Givens was fine and will be fine in the future but when Bradford went down, the Rams lost their ability with Clemens to go deep with Givens.

The defense is “playoff ready.” The biggest need for improvement is on offense.

That’s most of it.  Take it for what it’s worth.  I find it interesting that they’d spend a 2nd or 3rd round pick on a QB if they’re in fact “all in” on Bradford.  Personally, I’d rather spend high draft picks on players who can contribute on a weekly basis.There’s also a bit of new stadium/relocation talk in there if you’re interested.  I’m not.  If you think pre-draft smoke screens are thick, image the industrial strength fog machines that people rev while trying to bully a city into flipping the bill for an $800M stadium.

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It would really suck to lose Saffold, but it seems a bygone conclusion at this point. I know Jeff Fisher has never spent a first on an offensive lineman, but depending on the trade situation with the #2 pick that might need to happen due to the Jake Long injury.

Also, I'm really looking forward to the next podcast in March! So much to talk about, especially the Gregg Williams hire.