Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 25: Browns Recap / Packers Preview

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Update: Jo-Lonn Dunbar Suspended!

From time to time, news will break that just can’t wait until the next full podcast.  Today that news was the four-game suspension of Jo-Lonn Dunbar.  Mike and Anthony discuss the ramifications (you see what I did there) of Dunbar’s suspension in the debut of the Rams Addiction “Hot-Read” segment.  These segments won’t get their own blog post, so be sure to subscribe to the podcast to keep up with all the content.

Mike and Anthony recap the Browns game and talk with Evan (@texwestern) from Acme Packing Company to preview the August 17th game between the Rams and the Packers.


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For more on the Rams – Packers game, read Craig Dunn’s Game Preview

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JS the Saffold neck injury against Detroit happened in the 4th quarter on the same play as the Gibson touchdown

Cesar Noel
Cesar Noel

After watching Pead's performance.. my confidence in dropping. The kneel down near the goal line almost gave me fits.

Cesar Noel
Cesar Noel

I'd agree that Barrett Jones IS not the starting LG. I would however say that Jones would be the heir apparent to Scott Wells.

ramsaddiction moderator

@Cesar Noel In that case, long live Scott Wells