Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 101: One More for the Road

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Mike and Anthony take an early look at the 2016 offseason and discuss the relocation of the Rams from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

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Thanks for all the great shows.  I'm a little bitter as well.  Korenke's move went beyond sports- he screwed the city of STL.  I do find myself following the LA story lines as I'm sure you all still do to.  It's kind of like going to check to see how fat that ex has gotten over the years.  Hope you guys get the itch again- I think a Rams with hosts who have a distaste for the Rams would be as good as one's that supported them.  With the Rams it would make it easier to find content. Hope you guys consider a Ram's bashing podcast!  The Ramediocraty podcast?

PS  F*** Stan.  


Sounds like sour grapes to me. Oh well ... Loved the show.  When the L.A.Rams left for St Louis 20 years ago I also took a long hiatus until 1999 before i was once again a fan.  Maybe if they make a SB run you guys will get back on board.

Thanks for so many enjoyable shows ..... 

PS.  I think (know) you'll get over it.


@danstvguy - STL fans are more pissed at how it was done than it being done.  The NFL and Kronke broke all of the rules and lied.