Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 33: Rams @ Cowboys Recap, 49ers @ Rams Preview

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Mike and Anthony reluctantly recap the Cowboys game, preview the Thursday game against the 49ers, and reflect on a week of blowouts from around the league.  Patrick doubles-down on his lock of the week.  Jon responds to a robbery by researching short hair perms, bottle-wielding strippers, and last call gunshots.

Patrick’s Picks

Rams Game (Thursday Night Game): 49ers (-3) at Rams (+3)
Patrick’s Pick: 49ers (-3)

Sunday Night Game: Patriots (+1) at Falcons (-1)
Patrick’s Pick: Falcons (-1)

Monday Night Game: Dolphins (+7) at Saints (-7)
Patrick’s Pick: Saints (-7)

Lock of the Week: Bengals (-4) at Browns (+4)
Patrick’s Pick: Bengals (-4)

Lock of the Week: Colts (-9.5) at Jaguars (+9.5)
Patrick’s Pick: Colts (-9.5)

Overall Record: 6-6-2

Lock of the Week Record: 1-2


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