Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 60: North Dakota State OT Billy Turner

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Welcome back friends, here’s the rundown for today:

First off, the Rams are taking a long hard look at Sammy Watkins.  It doesn’t mean that they’re going to draft him anymore than signing Kenny Britt means they won’t draft him.  It just means that the men in the front office are doing their homework.  Or maybe they just wanted to give us something to talk about.

Next up we got into the interior offensive linemen in this year’s draft class.  Well, we got into the guards.  None of the centers made the cut.  We talked about Xavier Su’a-Filo and David Yankey before each picking a late round sleeper.

After the guard talk, we looked at quarterbacks–late, late, late round quarterbacks.  A lot of people want the Rams to draft a QB in rounds 2-4, but I’m not one of them.

Following the obligatory QB talk, we looked for some depth at the running back position.  Running back has been largely ignored when it comes to speculation surrounding the Rams draft plans.  I don’t think it’s being ignored by the front office.

After our draft talk we had a chance to spend some talk-time with North Dakota State OT, Billy Turner.

Forewarning here folks.  The audio quality for the first 60 seconds is hot garbage.  It’s a bit better for the next 3 minutes.  By the time it hits the 4 minute mark the audio is serviceable for the remainder of the interview.  All apologies.

We talked about his NFL bloodlines and a family connection to the Rams.  We also touched on his recent visit with the Rams and his impeccable college record.

Lastly, we asked him about a video series he’s featured in called Driven.  Have a look.

Jon returned from Vegas to close out this week’s show with his Tweet of the Week.  There were detailed Twitter bets, Greek Gods, and a bit of grammatical nuance.

Tweet of the Week



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