St. Louis Rams Addiction Podcast, Episode 14: Jim from Conquest Chronicles

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Check this out before you listen.  You all come here because, like me, you’re a Rams addict.  Most of you, also like me, are probably fantasy football addicts as well.  If so, you need to check out Fan Duel.  If you’ve ever had a bad draft–something we’ve all experienced–then you know how that single bad draft can ruin an entire season; not with Fan Duel.  If you lay an egg in week one, just collect yourself and prepare to draft a brand new team in week two.  Never had a bad draft?  Well, this works for you   as well.  With Fan Duel’s weekly payouts, your expertise will be financially rewarded every Monday.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled podcast.

Mike and Anthony are joined by Jim from Conquest Chronicles to discuss Rams 3rd-round pick, TJ McDonald.

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