Anthony Bafaro
Position: Founder, Editor, Contributing Writer, Podcast Producer, Podcast Host.
Drafted: September 2011
Bio: During the 2011 preseason, Anthony experienced a rage-induced blackout that stemmed from shouting back at sports talk radio.  While in his semi-comatose state, he received a vision.  That vision was Rams Addiction: A Flophouse of Commentary for Truly Addicted Rams Fans.
Email: anthonybafaro @
Twitter: @ramsaddiction
Facebook: Rams Addiction Fan Page


Mike Handshear
Position: Podcast Host, Contributing Writer
Drafted: September 2011
Bio: An overly dedicated Rams fan since the days of Troy Drayton and Toby Wright.  An internal  optimist by heart, providing shreds of reason on occasion.
Twitter: @MHandshear


Jon Wekerle
Position: Pop-Culture Correspondent, Contributing Writer
Drafted: March 2012
Bio: I care way too much about things that most people don’t care about.
Twitter: @jrwfz5


Matt Case:
Position: Staff Writer: Prospect Watch
Drafted: September 2012
Bio: Mizzou engineering alum, enjoyer of all St. Louis & Mizzou sports teams
Twitter: @matthew_case


Craig Dunn:
Position: Staff Writer: Game Preview
Drafted: October 2012
Bio: Mizzou alum and dedicated St. Louis sports fan.  Once encountered a grizzly bear on a hunting trip; stayed low, exploded through the hips…enjoyed grizzly bear steaks for dinner.


David Jones
Position: Staff Writer: Fantasy Files

Drafted: March 2013
Bio: David Jones lives in Nashville, TN and is the Editor of The Brink magazine. He has interviewed Adam Wainwright, Josh Hamilton, and many others.
Twitter: @iPopEditor
Facebook: iPopEditor



Patrick Dieter
Position: Sports Betting Correspondent
Drafted: May 2013
Bio: I am a passionate Rams fan who is sickened by the fan base.
Twitter: @PatrickDieter5
Facebook: Patrick Dieter Facebook Page


Tim Pudlowski
Position: Staff Writer: The Bottom Line
Drafted: September 2013
Bio: Born and raised in St. Louis, I am a passionate, devoted sports fan, who does not hold back opinions on sports.